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Error Code $300E when calling START_dynamic_program_bytes()
Janaki S. Nov 12, 2014 at 09:29 AM (09:29 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Running 32bit Windows 7. Cyclone Pro with CyclonePro Programmer Version

    With the Professional version of the Cyclone Control Package, I am trying to
    call the START_dynamic_program_bytes() function. However, I am getting error
    code $300E: Error during programming data block, invalid start address.

    This is the c++ code in question:
    unsigned long targetAddress = 0x100024;
    unsigned int dataLength = 4;
    char array[4] = {0x1,0x2,0x3,0x4};

    m_label1 = "Programming Image on IP1 ...";

    START_execute_all_commands(handle1, m_edit6);
    while (check_STARTED_cyclonepromax_status(handle1) == 1){}

    START_dynamic_program_bytes(handle1, targetAddress, dataLength, array);
    while (check_STARTED_cyclonepromax_status(handle1) == 1){}


  • For posterity, we determined that the root cause of the error $300E was that the wrong algorithm was being loaded. They were programming two different regions of flash on their device - PFlash and DFlash. The firmware was programmed into PFlash and the dynamic data was programmed into DFlash. However, in their image they were only loaded the algorithm for PFlash. When they attempted to program the dynamic data, the address 0x100024 was not a valid address in the PFlash region.

    This is the correct programming sequence for their situation:

    CM PFlash_algorithm.12P
    SS firmware.S19
    CM DFlash_algorithm.12P
    * Program Dynamic data here *


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