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cprog12z distributable application
Chris B. Nov 3, 2014 at 11:50 AM (11:50 hours)
Staff: Kevin A. P.

  • Our company would like to create a simple software programming tool for several 68HC based products we support.  The programmer would use cprog12z and pre-configure the necessary settings and select the correct algorithm so that a service person with minimal skills can re-flash the processor if they are sent a Multilink programming interface and install the programming tool.  We have many service people who work for our company worldwide.  Is there any way I can distribute cprog12z within my company without having to buy a separate Prog12z installation package for every potential user?  Most users will only ever use this software tool once or twice a year but I don't want to send a programming laptop or have to move to Cyclone or other stand-alone programmers.


  • Hi Chris,

    Thank you very much for getting in touch, we will respond to your email.


  • Greetings,

    Currently our licensing system for PROG software is based on the number of users. And there is no easy way to appease every customer on how licensing should work. Our multilink tools were designed for engineers with the prototyping and development stage in mind.

    The cyclone would be your best solution as we do not tie any license to the software and setting up an image is easier than the CPROG software. It is an all-in-one package and you can download new software and firmware from our website at anytime. You can pre-download the algorithm and raw data onto the cyclone and send it off to users. You do not even need to create a simple software programming tool because our tools are simple even for the minimally skilled user.

    Takao Yamada

  • Hi,

    I also don't like the way P&E has the licensing setup for CPRGOG. The best way for us to program ICs in production here is using this software even though you say it was designed for developers in mind. Our computers are constantly being moved around and updated causing the license to get deleted making us to use up a license code every time. So even though we've paid for a license it becomes useless to use after a few years because all the codes are exhausted even after P&E gives us additional codes. It is an expensive license.

    I can't even do a quick test on another computer for troubleshooting purposes because I use up a license.

    I do own a few Cyclone programmers but they are big, bulky, expensive, and requires more setup. It's not an attractive alternative.

    Why can't P&E come up with a better method such as a dongle or tie the license to the programmer?

    • Greetings,

      Thank you for your input and we have had customers bring up the same concerns. I have discussed this matter with our development team many times in the past for tying the license to a hardware or having site licensing. We have found that our current licensing methods covers most customers needs:

      Tying license to a hardware can actually be more headache on the customer if they have multiple hardware. For example, what if you had 10 multilinks and only one of them is licensed to use PROG for HCS12 because you did not want to license all of them for the same project. Then you will have to find that specific multilink. What if you lost that multilink, or it gets damaged, or it is currently being used in another project, or you lend it to a colleague? Our current license allows you to pick up any P&E hardware to finish the task and there is beauty in that.

      As long as the customer follows the license agreement, we can continue to give additional activations and it is just a simple request on our support request system to get those activations. We understand our customers change their computers often and we will continue to support the license. We may implement licensing onto our next revision of hardware but again, no licensing solution will fit everyone's needs.

      Takao Yamada

    • Dale,

      This is a good point. We have been planning on allowing you to add the software license into the Multilink instead of into a PC. Would this solve the problem you are facing?


  • Hi Kevin,

    Like you said it's not a perfect option, but I think that would work much better for us. I haven't seen any of these PE Micro units go bad on us. We'll just have to keep better tabs on where the units that have the license are.

    I appreciate you looking into this.


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