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Problem with load library function (unit_cfz.dll)
. Oct 24, 2014 at 03:46 AM (03:46 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hello , 

    I'm trying to develop a software with visual c++ and when I want load the unit_cfz.dll with the load library function, nothing happens.

    I use Multilink universal.

    Can I have examples for use this function ?




    • Hi Aurelien,

      There is a C example program located in the UNITCFZ installation folder that you can build your own application from.

      INSTALLDIR\msvc50 - MSVC 9.0+ Example MFC Visual Application

      This example programs demonstrate many of the function calls available
      in the UNIT libraries. The initialization procedure for properly connecting to P&E
      hardware and entering background mode is also shown in these examples.

      Please refer to the UNITCFZ manual for more information.


  • Hi Johnny,

    I've already launched this software, but when i try to load the library ( with the
    Example MFC Visual Application) it gave me the following error :
    "Error loading library. Make sure the DLL is in either the same directory as the example executable or in your system directory "
    But, I have just reinstalled and I obtain the same error... So I can't see the examples of using the load library function....


    • Hi Aurélien,

      I think there was a problem during installation and the DLL was not properly installed. What Windows OS are you running?


      • Sorry for my previous comment, I can using the soft, but it don't answer to my question...
        I want to load the unit cfz library in my soft,so i using the load library function like this :

        libraryload = load_library("unit_cfz.dll")

        But, nothing happens, the library load fail...Have I an error of syntax or size ?

        (I'm running on Windows XP)



  • Hi Johnny,

    The problem is the GLIBMYDLL2 who stay "NULL"

    "bool load_library(char* library_filename)
    if ((gLibMyDLL2 != NULL) && (previous_load==true))
    return true;
    gLibMyDLL2 = LoadLibrary(LPWSTR(library_filename));
    if (gLibMyDLL2 == NULL)
    return false;
    However , library_filename = "unit_cfz.dll\0"

    I don't understand why GLIBMYDLL2 stay at NULL while library_filename != NULL

    Can you help me ?



  • Greetings,

    Is this issue resolved?

    Takao Yamada

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