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Log2Phy12 Address Translation.
John D. Oct 23, 2014 at 04:12 PM (16:12 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • Is there an app note that explains how the translation that log2phy does relates to the M9S12XDP512.  How

    TCODE_BLOCK CodeBlock = {0};    // Initialize to force it to show up in .S19 file.

    Turns into:

    Original Logical Memory Usage Map
    0000C000-0000E6A2 000026A3 --> Page_FF (0xC000..0xFFFF in 64K Map)
    0000FF78-0000FF7B 00000004 --> Page_FF (0xC000..0xFFFF in 64K Map)
    0000FFD4-0000FFD7 00000004 --> Page_FF (0xC000..0xFFFF in 64K Map)
    0000FFFE-0000FFFF 00000002 --> Page_FF (0xC000..0xFFFF in 64K Map)
    00E08000-00E08021 00000022 --> Page_E0 CodeBlock
    00E48000-00E48021 00000022 --> Page_E4
    00FC8000-00FCB3ED 000033EE --> Page_FC
    00FE8000-00FEBC6F 00003C70 --> Page_FE
    Converted Physical Memory Usage Map
    00780000-00780021 00000022 --> Page_E0 CodeBlock
    00790000-00790021 00000022 --> Page_E4
    007F0000-007F33ED 000033EE --> Page_FC
    007F8000-007FBC6F 00003C70 --> Page_FE
    007FC000-007FE6A2 000026A3 --> Page_FF
    007FFF78-007FFF7B 00000004 --> Page_FF
    007FFFD4-007FFFD7 00000004 --> Page_FF
    007FFFFE-007FFFFF 00000002 --> Page_FF

    I've declared:
    unsigned int * __far24 WritePtr;

    And in the code the CodeWarrior debugger shows that WritePtr ends up with a value 0x780000 when
    WritePtr = (unsigned int * __far24)&CodeBlock.CodeImage;

    Teh GPAGE register is 0x78. Yet the page as defined in the linker.prm file identifies this page as E0.

    How is
    00E08000-00E08021 00000022 --> Page_E0 CodeBlock
    translated to
    00780000-00780021 00000022 --> Page_E0 CodeBlock

    The MC9S12XDP512 Data Sheet, Rev. 2.17 shows FLASH up to 7F_FFFF and the top 16K is mapped into 0xC000 of the 64K memory map. But again, how is Page FF mapped to FF_xxxx when Log2Phy assigns it to 7F_C000 yet Page E0 is at 78_0000



  • Greetings,

    Sorry that none of the P&E staff has been able to answer to your question. Were you able to find out the conversion between logical and physical addressing? We have a blog post about this here:

    Takao Yamada

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