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Required software for Universal-Multilink-FX ?
Martin S. Aug 26, 2014 at 09:48 AM (09:48 hours)
Staff: Keith M.

  • We have procured the Universal-Multilink-FX adapter and installed the provided driver software. Now we noted that there is no screen to make inputs for programming the target. We need this tool just for flashing software (format is ***.sr  files) in the BDM mode (Port H) via MC68360 or MC68HC16 Microcontroller to AM29F040 CMOS memory. We do not need development or debugger but just erase, load and verify function. Which is the right software we need to fulfil this task ? 
    P&E offers so much different and specialized software packages and we do not want to procure the wrong software, so we need some hints from the experts.
    Many thanks for your support,


  • Hi Martin,

    Thank you for your inquiry and sorry for any confusion. To program 68HC16 devices, you would need our PROG16Z software:

    To program 683xx devices, you would need our PROG32Z software:

    Each comes with an extensive library of programming algorithms, which you can view here:

    If for some reason there is not already an algorithm for the device you wish to program, we will create one free of charge.

    Thank you,

    • Do I need both software modules or does the PROG32Z also support the 16 bit ?
      Thanks for reply

  • Hi Martin,

    You would need both PROG16Z and PROG32Z. Unfortunately we do not have a single software solution that would allow you to program both HC16 and 683xx devices, I'm sorry.

    Thank you,

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