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Freescale Knities MKM34Z128CLL5 - Debugger and Flasher
Sivanesan R. Aug 8, 2014 at 11:49 AM (11:49 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • Hi Greetings,

    In our product design we are using MKM34Z128CLL5 and taken out SWD pins for debugging and flashing.
    Basically I have no idea about which Debugger to use.

    Is there any device which can be used as both debugger and flasher?

    Some one has suggested me PE's USB-ML-UNIVERSAL
    If I buy PE's USB-ML-UNIVERSAL, Can it be used as a debugger and flasher?
    Do I need to buy separate software programs for debugger and flasher ?

    Please clarify. I am new to Micro controller programming.

    Sivanesan R.


  • Greetings,

    All of our hardware can do both debugging and flashing. However, our software is split between a flash programming software and debugging software. (The reason why we split it is so people who only want to flash or only want to debug can just pay for what they need).

    If you are in the prototyping stage of your project, I highly suggest getting the USB-ML-Universal or the USB-ML-Universal FX. The difference is that the FX is faster and it can provide power to your target, but at a higher cost:

    As for software unfortunately we do not have a debugger software to sell for the Kinetis ARM architecture. However, you can get the free KDS (Kinetis Design Studio) software from Freescale that supports many Kinetis ARM chips. KDS from Freescale can be used as both flashing and debugging. I would highly suggesting getting this free software and start from there. The software is still in beta but P&E tools are supported. It should be completed by end of Q3 of 2014:

    Otherwise, you may be stuck paying for a whole IDE. Use Freescale's software suggestions at this website:

    When you are ready for production and need a fast way of just flash programming, then you should get our PROGACMP software for small production lines. This software just flashes the chip and no need to open a debug session just to program:

    For large production lines, I suggest the cyclone max. This device has internal memory and you can load and save programming routines from a PC into it. That way you no longer dependent on a PC or laptop to program on a production line and can be used out in the field. We call this standalone programming:

    Have any questions? Sorry for all the links above. My suggestion is to get the USB-ML-Universal and try out the KDS software. Once it exits from beta for release, you will already be ready to use it. When you are ready to go into production, then you can get more tools.

    Takao Yamada

    • Hello Takao Yamada,

      Thanks for the suggestion.

      So, For now I can use USB-ML-Universal and KDS software right ?

      Sivanesan R.

  • Hello Takao Yamada,

    I have downloaded and installed the KDS software. Unfortunately there is no support for the Kinetis M series micro controllers.

    Please suggest me a best debugger.
    Thanks for your support again.

    Sivanesan R.

  • Greetings,

    I do believe it is in the works to get the Kinetis M series supported. Please ask Freescale's forum to see if they could tell you a timeframe. We will contact Freescale from our side as well:

    Otherwise, the next best solution is to download Freescale's Codewarrior IDE. They have both a code-size limited version for demo, or a 30-day trial version for demo. I know for sure they support the M series in CW. You can start your project there and hopefully move to KDS when they get the support for you. You can import projects from CW into KDS pretty easily:

    Takao Yamada

  • Thanks Takao Yamada.

    I have installed CodeWarrior MCU v10.6 Evaluation Edition. And found some reference projects for my Kinetis M series micro controller.
    So now I can buy USB-ML-Universal and start debugging straight away with CodeWarrior with out any additional software ? (atleast for 30 days I can use CW and start debugging my board right ? And also I have posted a question regarding support for M series with KDS in the community forum)

    Thanks for your continued support.

    Sivanesan R.

  • Greetings again,

    Yes, you are ready to get a hardware tool like the USB-ML-Universal to work with Codewarrior. Though you should have started with the code-size limited version of Codewarrior first to make sure your setup is working, then move onto the 30-day trial when you reach the code-size limitation.

    Takao Yamada

  • Thank you very much Takao Yamada !!

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