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Programming Kinetis K10DN512VLL10 with Cyclone Max
Niels V. Jul 29, 2014 at 08:38 AM (08:38 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I'm having problems programming Kinetis K10DN512VLL10 with Cyclone Max.

    I've testet the Cyclone Max with a Freescale K60 tower, where it worked.

    I'm using CodeWarrior for development and debug, but I have also tried the Cyclone Max in stand-alone mode, where I can save an image, but I can't get it to program my target (I get Error $0007 - Error entering debug mode)

    My K10 target is a new board I've designed. You can see the JTAG schematic here:

    I have attached a logic analyzer to the JTAG pins and I can see some communication on all lines, but I'm not quite sure what to look after.
    It looks like the communication stop after a short while.
    The activity can be seen here:

    Setup can be seen here:

    Does anyone have an idea of what is going wrong?
    ...or what I should be looking for?


    • Additional info:
      When I press Abort in P&E Connection Assistant, I get these details:
      Error launching SS-test-1_FLASH_PnE Cyclone MAX
      ARM GDI Protocol Adapter : Can't connect. The Debugger can not connect to the P&E device

  • Any resolution for this? I have run into a similar problem with similar error messages. I really cannot find anything useful about it on the P&E web site.

    • Hi Steve,

      We need more information from you about your setup. Please create a new forum post or open a support ticket and answer the following questions:

      1. Which Kinetis processor are you using?

      2. Which P&E hardware interface are you using?

      3. What are the error messages that you are seeing?

      4. Can you provide a schematic of your JTAG or SWD header?


  • Hi Steve
    After fiddling around for a long time, I gave up and changed my HW. Then it worked.
    So apparently there has been a fault in the processor and thinking back, I might have had a problem with the power supply earlier on. I haven't tried to change the chip yet.
    From what I can see, the error message can be translated into "something's wrong" - not very helpfull.
    I think P&E should be able to do this better and give access to a log of the faulty JTAG communication, so that you have a chance to se what's happening.

    • Hi Niels,

      Is the Cyclone Max working now with your K10 target?


      • Hi Johnny

        Yes, as mentioned above, after changing the HW it's working.

        I still think you ought to work with your error messages - they are not very helpfull...
        Please let the message tell me what's wrong, instead of just stating "something's wrong".


        • Hi Niels,

          There is only a limited amount of debug information we can display on the LCD screen itself. The Cyclone does have a list of very specific error codes for many different situations which we have provided in the back of the users manual.

          For Error $7, we are letting you know that the problem was the Cyclone was not able force the processor into debug mode. The causes of these communication problems can vary and be very subtle. It can range from issues on your board to the P&E tools or a combination of them.

          We understand that the message may not be very helpful for users especially if they are less technical. What we are working on is updating our website with more resources such as guides and FAQs to help a user figure out how to troubleshoot themselves or if they need to contact P&E.


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