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Windows 7 complains that drivers are not 64-bit
David l. Jun 17, 2014 at 10:36 PM (22:36 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I downloaded v11 of the Windows drivers, a process which I assumed installed them too.  I plugged in my Freescale FRDM-KE02Z40M, to a USB port, and .... "nothing".

    I then used the Add New Hardware Wizard, and directed them to the two .inf files installed, and this complained that both were 32-bit drivers, not 64-bit drivers.

    Any suggestions?

    My evaluation module is just a fairly light paperweight at the moment.


    • David,

      Assuming your drivers are installed correctly, you should see the following in Device Manager after you plug in the Freedom board:

      Jungo->PEMicro OpenSDA Debug Driver
      Ports->OpenSDA - CDC Serial Port

      Please run our driver test utility and copy the results here.


  • Of the three entries you list, I only see the 2nd: "Jungo->WinDriver".

    I do not see Jungo->PEMicro OpenSDA Debug Driver
    nor do I see Ports->OpenSDA - CDC Serial Port

    • David

      I had this same problem. the solution was that I had the cable connected into the wrong USB port on my board

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