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Error entering debug mode with S12X128
Cao S. Mar 11, 2014 at 09:03 AM (09:03 hours)
No staff assigned yet

  • I'm new to Cyclone pro. I created a SAP into Cyclone Pro, and set the power jumpers to default(PowerIN Jack->PowerOut Jack). I connected cyclone pro to my target board via BDM cable. Then I powered my board with a external power. 
    After I pushed START, Error code 0007 appears.
    The target board works fine with OSBDM debuggers and I'm sure there is nothing wrong with my board.

    There are many options during creating SAP, I set the clock frequency to 4MHz according to my target board. and check all of the check boxes in SAP creation utility.

    What's my problem could be?


  • Besides, the device is Cyclone pro Rev C. And the Image Creation Tool is 3.51

  • Problem Solved, the orientation of the BDM header was reversed

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