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Linux driver that will support an ARM processor
Alexious D. Jan 16, 2014 at 05:00 PM (17:00 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I try to run on a raspberry pi using Rasbian Linux and several error messages are displayed. The first one i try to investigate, error: you are trying to install windriver for i386 on armv61. I went to the Jungo website and under installation instructions for Linux:
    32-bit x86
    64-bit Intel or AMD x86
    Power_PC (PCI only)

    No support for ARM processor is there a latter Driver that can support this processor or can i use a generic driver ?

    when i enter dmesg at the prompt
    i see the following: usb 1-1.3 idvendor = 1357, idproduct = 0503
    Manufacturer P&E Microsystem
    SerialNumber PE5658213

    Does this mean that a generic driver is working?
    if this is the case how can i test it ?
    else can you suggest a generic driver that I can use ?

    Alex Desir


    • Hi Alex,

      Sorry for the delayed response.

      Our Jungo Drivers (both Linux and Windows-based) are x86 cpu compatible only and are used for interfacing with P&E hardware such as the USB Multilinks or Cyclones only. Which P&E hardware are you using? What is your ultimate goal in terms of interfacing the P&E hardware with your Raspberry Pi?

      We do not have any other generic drivers for our hardware.


      • The user's target device is a ColdFire MCF5307. The operating system is Rasbian Linux running on a Raspberry Pi. They would like to be able to use a USB-ML-UNIVERSAL and our unit library to download code to SRAM on their ColdFire board.


    • Hi Alex,

      1) Does the "lsusb" command display the Multilink connection correctly? If it is enumerated, it should show something like "Bus 001 Device 005: ID 1357:0503 P&E Microcomputer Systems USB-ML-UNIVERSAL"

      2) Does the Blue LED turn on?

      3) Even if you are able to get the drivers workings on your raspberry, there is still the issue of the Linux .so library from UNITCFZ. Are you able to call that library since it is also compiled for an x86 processor?


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