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Error in ONCE status register
Jim M. migrated on Dec 31, 2013 at 11:00 AM
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  • I'm using a PPC Nexus USB JTAG Device (I have two of them actually).  I've been using them for months without any problem with CodeWarrior 2.8 and both the MPC5645S (rainbow) and MPC5606S (spectrum) devices.  

    Just yesterday both Nexus JTAG devices stopped debugging on both hardware platforms. I can flash my hardware correctly (by CPROGPPPZ via the FLOAD command), but once the flash is complete, the ICD Source Window fills with the following messages:

    __start XXXX Bus Error - No Opcode
    000003D6 XXXX Bus Error - No Opcode
    000003D8 XXXX Bus Error - No Opcode
    000003DA XXXX Bus Error - No Opcode

    The ICD Status Windows fills with:

    Error : Error in ONCE status register during instruction execution.

    Maybe something went bad in my driver? Is there some sort of test I can run to verify my USB Nexus JTAG devices?

    Thanks in advance for any help!


  • Ok I've tracked the problem down.

    I added the ADC[0].CDR[##].DATA registers to the watch window. Specifically the ADC data for channels 33, 34, 36, and 37.

    When I closed the ICD afterwards it crashed with the message:

    "Access violoation at address 0049A193 in module CW_ICDPPCNEXUS.exe. Read of address 4443303D"

    From that point forward the ICD would fail after flashing with the "Error in ONCE..." messages.

    I opened the PPSetup.dsk file and deleted the variables from the watch window my making the changes:



    Now the ICD starts correctly.

    So it seems there's a bug in the ICD with regards to the registers in the watch windows.

    Hopefully this will help others

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