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PCP script commands
Jim M. migrated on Dec 31, 2013 at 11:00 AM
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  • I have received some custom scripts for programming external QSPI flash on my Freescale device (tyvm for the great support on the scripts!). 

    I'm using the scripts on some custom hardware which utilized switched power supplies. So I need to do the following in the context of the PCP file:

    1. Drive power supply enable GPIOs high
    2. Delay for supplies to stabilize

    I believe step 1 is fairly easy using commands I've read in existing PCP files. I'm doing the following:

    WRITE_WORD=0300/C3F900CE/ ;SIU.PCR[71].R = 0x0300;      ;Configure pad PF1 as SBATT enable
    WRITE_BYTE=01/C3F90647/ ;SIU.GPDO[71].B.PDO = 1;      ;Drive PF1 high
    WRITE_WORD=0304/C3F900C0/ ;SIU.PCR[64].R = 0x0304;      ;Configure pad PE2 as SW5V enable
    WRITE_BYTE=01/C3F90640/ ;SIU.GPDO[64].B.PDO = 1;      ;Drive PE2 high
    WRITE_WORD=0304/C3F900C2/ ;SIU.PCR[65].R = 0x0304;      ;Configure pad PE3 as SW3V enable
    WRITE_BYTE=01/C3F90641/ ;SIU.GPDO[65].B.PDO = 1;      ;Drive PE3 high

    Step 2 is tricky because I don't know the PCP script commands, nor can I find a help file that lists them. The PROGPPCZ.HLP file directs me to the P&E "request a custom script" web page. Is it possible to get the PCP script command definitions? This would be extremely helpful.

    Best Regards,



  • Hi Jim,

    You can use the following:

    where nnnn is the delay in milliseconds (decimal) before continuing to the next line.

    Best regards,

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