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Problem with sci (reception)
Juan L. migrated on Dec 31, 2013 at 11:00 AM
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  • Hi, i need help with the sci, i can send and receive, but i can´t move the data received to the port B.
    I try turn off the sci and then move to the port B and it works, but if not the port B show 09h (hexadecimal) (PTB1 = 1 ; PTB3 = 1).
    Too i send a character when receipt and i receive 2 characters.
    The connection is between the PC and uC, and use the Termite 2.6 for read the characters that sends the uC

    I´m using the MC908JL8CPE , sorry for my english, and thanks for everything biggrin.gif

    Here attached my code:
          mov          #$01,config1         ;Disable WatchDog          
          mov      #$00,config2        
              mov          #$FF,DDRB                         
          mov      #$40,DDRD            
              clr            PORTB                
          clr              PORTD
          mov      #$03,VAR
    ;***** SCBR: SCP1=0,SCP0=0,SCR2=0,SCR1=1,SCR0=0 *******
          mov      #$02,SCBR            ;Baud Rate register = 9600
    ;***** SCC1: LOOPS=0,ENSCI=1,TXINV=0,M=0,WAKE=0,ILTY=0,PEN=0,PTY=0 *******
          mov      #$40,SCC1             ;Control register 1
    ;***** SCC2: SCTIE=0,TCIE=0,SCRIE=0,ILIE=0,TE=1,RE=1,RWU=0,SBK=0 *******      
          mov      #$0C,SCC2              ;Control register 2 (TE,RE enable)
    ;***** SCC3: R8=0,T8=0,ORIE=0,NEIE=0,FEIE=0,PEIE=0 *******            
          mov      #$00,SCC3     ;Control register 3

          lda            SCS1      
          brclr      SCRF,SCS1,*
          mov      SCDR,VAR          
          mov      VAR,PORTB
          lda              SCS1
          mov      'R',SCDR
          brclr      SCTE,SCS1,*
          jmp      recepcion


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