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MC9S12H128 / 256 issue
Reyna P. migrated on Dec 31, 2013 at 11:00 AM
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  • Hello! unsure.gif
    I am trying to program a MC9S12H128 / 256 device, I am connecting the USB-ML-12 to the BDM and powering the device that is already populated on a PCB.
    At the moment to select the algorith the next error appears:
    Initializing. Not able to acces processor. Try a software reset.
    Also, after a software reset, same behavior is observed, as if the algorithm I am selecting wasnt the right one.
    Other times, I cant select the algorithm, no communication is performed. (as if the device was not powered).
    The algoriths I am using are the next:
    I tried to unsecure the device, but it is not detecting the right speed.
    All connections were reviewed, and no errors were detected. What else can I check?
    Thanks! R.P.


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