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CF-V2 Code Size limitation Question
Rafael D. migrated on Dec 31, 2013 at 11:00 AM
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  • Greetings,

    Currently, during development, I have been using CW7.2 with Coldfire Multilink for the CF-V2 platform.

    Since my code size exceeds Freescale's free licence, I had to purchase a licence to be able to compile and program my devices.

    But I'll need my support people to be able to re-program a device on the field.

    I was thinking one option would be to purchase PROGCFZ for $199. But I want to know if that will allow my support people to program any size of code into the device, even if they don't have the freescale license for that code size in their computer.

    I have the same question regarding the CYCLONE-MAX. Does it requires any special license for programing? I guess not, since it is a stand alone programmer, correct?

    Thank you



  • Hello Rafael,

    There are no code size limitations with a full license to PROGCFZ. PROGCFZ comes with a command line version that accepts scripts and can be run by a batch file. You can download a evaluation version that is limited to 64 KB from our website. Visit" target="_blank"> and click on 64K Starter Edition.

    The Cyclone Max also does not require any special licenses. It comes with a version of PROGCFZ (but no commandline version) that only works with the Cyclone Max.

    Best Regards,
    P&E Technical Support

  • Thanks Johnny,

    What about CF Flasher? Have you heard about it? Is it an official tool I can use with the USB-ML-CFE?

  • CFFlasher can flash Freescale coldfire eval boards and it only supports the USB-ML-CFE.

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