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send serial data to pc from DEMOJM board. Help!
antonio d. migrated on Dec 31, 2013 at 11:00 AM
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  • Hi everyone

    I use a demo jm board with a mcf51jm128 microcontroller, and i'd like to adquire data in my pc with labview software. I don't know well how to get communication between the demojm and my pc.

    I've read that i could create a virtual com serial port that would appear in windows device manager. I thought the J4 jumpers would connect the mini-USB port to the SCIx pins so that I could use it to send serial data from a PC. I tried it but i don't know well how to do it.

    In other way, i can install the demojm drivers in labview to work like an usb raw device. But i'd prefer if it was possible with a serial com port because i think it's easier, i only want to send analog to digital converted data from the demojm to my pc. What is the best way?

    please, help me if you know a way to do it.



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