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Error in once status register MPC5517
Paul S. migrated on Dec 31, 2013 at 11:00 AM
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  • After connecting the target board and running the configuration script, my target appears to start fine. I can see the defined memory and
    MMU settings as was run in the .mac file. I can hit the lightning bolt button and it seems to work repeatedly. I can download
    my elf code to the target, into internal processor RAM, it appears to show that the code got where I expected it to be and the source
    window shows my source code. My issue is, even if I don't step through a single line of code, in other words, at the point after downloading my
    code, I hit the lightning bolt button, I now get the "Error in status register during instruction execution". It does say MPC551x Device detected.
    At this point I have to close the debugger window and re-start it, then it seems to communicate and be OK again. By the way, if I
    download my code and run it, it runs fine. I can step through it, or just run it fine, until I hit the lightning bolt button. It is quite annoying
    to have to re-start the program each time. What is up with this? Even if my code is loading into area of RAM where the P&E code needs,
    shouldn't the .mac file over-write it? Why would re-starting the debugger program reset/fix it, I don't have to power cycle my target.

    Any ideas?


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