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Programmer to trim QG8 internal oscilator
Alexandre K. migrated on Dec 31, 2013 at 11:00 AM
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  • Hi

    I´m currently having a problem with the QG8 mcu using the internal oscilator.
    The problem is related to baud rate for serial communications not meeting windows requirements on many boards we produce.
    The firmware do load the predefined trim value from flash memory onto the ICSTRM register, but unfortunately we can´t trust on this trim value present on the flash memory.
    I´m looking for a programmer that deals with that, by trimming the internal oscilator to the best value and store it into the flash memory, so the user firmware can use that value safely.
    If you guys from P&E could point me if the cyclone pro is the best choice, and how it does the job, with which requirements (hardware connections and possible external software), it would be great.


  • Hi kremer,

    The factory trim value can have a very high variance from one device to another. The P&E flash programmer software and stand-alone programmers are capable of recalibrating the trim value and storing it in the non-volatile trim register. The tool does this by trying many different trim values and does timing tests to see which trim value matches most closely to the desired trim frequency.

    The Cyclone PRO stand-alone programmer is designed for production programming and supports the Program Trim feature. It is the best choice if you are in your production stage and need to program a high volume of devices. It includes all necessary cables and software at no additional cost.

    Best regards,

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