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PROGHCS08 purchase
Rafael D. migrated on Dec 31, 2013 at 11:00 AM
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  • Greetings,

    I need this information with some urgency, and I could not find it in the web-site, only in this forum, and I would like to confirm the information I gathered here before I purchase the PROGHCS08 software.

    My company is in Brazil and I need to send a software update to a syster company in the USA that is using the MC9S08LC60 MCU.

    I use CodeWarior here for development, with the USB-ML-12E module. For production we use the Cyclone Pro with the software that came allong with it.

    My syster company in the USA has the USB-ML-12E, but I do not wish to send the source code with the update, so I don't think he will be able to use CodeWarior for the update.

    I tried to use the Cyclone software with the USB-ML-12E but it will not recognize the device. It is my understanding that I should purchase the PROGHCS08 software to do what I want.

    I also understand that I'll get 3 licences with the software, so I would use one here in Brazil, and the other would be used in the USA.

    But because of the urgency, I would like to receive the sortware through e-mail as soon as I purchase it. And I would send a copy to my syster company in the USA.

    Is that possible?

    Thank you


  • Thank you Edison.

  • Hi rdazcal,

    Additional activations can be provided by P&E. You simply need to contact us by phone or by submitting a support request on our website. It usually takes at most 1 day for these type of requests to be approved.

    Best regards,

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