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ColdFire SBC5307 board and PE ColdFire ML/USB
MOISES S. Jan 9, 2020 at 07:34 AM (07:34 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • Hi there folks.
    I recently obtained an SBC5307 development board by EST Wind River Systems. Kinda old hardware isn't it? Like, 20 years ago os so.

    I also got a (discontinued now) P&E MicroUSB ML/CF for ColdFire.

    All is great with this and I downloaded the PKZCFPRO package limited to 64k code.

    I wish to know if anyone has reference to any TEMPLATE for WinIDE which works with this board?

    I just see 52xx templates and they're for boards ColdFire v2 mainly and although there is a PDF guide to try adapt your own board and derive own template from existing one/s, I guess it would be cunbersome to reinvent the wheel... Besides I am quite new to this environment (althought not new to uC/uP/assembler/FPGA/uC boards in general.)

    If anyone would like to help along, or has by chance the same or related 5307 configuration still in use/hobby/production/development please let me know and we can somehow work this out together?

    Any insight on how to adapt my own Template will be appreciated. I got kind of pack of doc PDF about said SBC5307 board (NOT to confound with same-name board from Ambersh or something like that...)

    Thanks so much in advance.
    Moises from Madrid, Spain


  • Greetings,

    Have you looked into using NXP's Codewarrior solution? That might be a better start for you and they have more resources when it comes to creating projects. We do not have any templates for V3 or V4 devices.


  • Many thanks for your reply, Takao.

    Now, I adquired a variety of boards and programmer/debug hardware for my SBC5307 and related personal projects, namely:

    1-P&E USB-ML-CFE (not the Universal)
    2-BDM FLEX Tools for Noral
    3-FreeScale USBDM
    4-WindRiver visionICE II emulator

    Now, my intention is to spend my hobby time programming my SBC5307 and envisioning several home-made nasty electronic projects based on it.

    I am at a bit of a loss though, since I don't know what would be the best workflow or software tools for my case.

    (2) above is very rare and scarce item I bought, it came with no CD (had to buy it 2nd hand too from other dealer). Right now I am re-installing Win98 and NT 4 on an old laptop with parallel port in order to use this. I believe this works with CodeWarrior 7.2 for ColdFire architectures of which I am aware there exists a "limited" version that I downloaded (if you know any other version please let me know.)

    visionICE II (4 in the list) goes well also with CW I guess.

    The P&E route so to speak appeals well to me also, I don't wish to restrict myself to NXP or CW for that matter. Problem I've got is as I said before, lack of BSP for my Wind River SBC5307 -thank God they located the PDF describing the board in some old server, since this is basically "abandembeddedware" lol... BUT so I have to figure out a way to adapt some MFC52xx templates available for my purposes...

    Not that I fear the prospect, because I'm sure I will learn quite a deal in the process, but I don't know, where do I start to modify the P%E templates?

    Anyone out there has by chance any experience on adapting PKGCFZ PRO's templates for any other developing board? It doesn't have to be experience on the concrete SBC5307 (although if anyone has worked with the same-named board by Armswesh or something, then I could benefit from that if I compare the PDF documentation describing both boards, make my own conclusions).

    I think my most urgent need is (1) time to process all these boards and programmers and get used to their operation; (2) insight on how to adapt the templates, but where where do I start? Which sections of files in existing template/s should I dwell into and modify first?

    Thanks again for any input, I truly appreciate it.


  • Greetings,

    I would not rely on our templates to get the 5307 working. Please use NXP's Codewarrior 7.2 or Codewarrior 10.x/11.x to create a project if you wish to get a base project going.


  • hi thanks again for the inpu t

    How come, Takao?

    I am planning on using CW 7.2 for ColdFire, yep, and my next question would be:

    1) the CW 7.2 has some kind of template for the SBC5307? If I only "declare" the uC (5307), how do I go around setting up the particularities of said board?

    2) I currently have available the following:
    - Noral BDM Flex Tools
    - visionII ICE
    - P&E USB ML-CF

    COuld I use any of these to the same extent? And, conversely, would any of the first 2 work with PKGZCF PRO? (evaluation code limited to 64kb)?

    If only could I get started with some combination of said hardware and some tool, I'd be on my road nicely: I wouldn't mind either CW or P'E'S... why don't you recommend P&E setup?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Greetings,

    1) You will need to start somewhere and CW7.2 and CW10.x has a starting project for you for 5307.

    2) Our software only works with our hardware interfaces. So I have no input or say on other tools you have purchased and I will not discuss them anywhere in this forum.

    I do not recommend the template from PKGCFZ because they are not for your device. Codewarrior has much more resources than PKGCFZ. Use PKGCFZ for programming binary files and debugging ELF files when you are done developing your project. Do not start here, but you should end here.

    Use PEmicro multilink with CW7.2 or CW10.x by creating a simple 5307 project and start a debug session to confirm everything works. You are better off asking NXP's forums for suggestions on CW projects. Note, NXP forum nor community members there does not care about PKGCFZ as that is not their product.

    I would recommend using CW10.x and 11.x as they are the most up to date latest IDE from NXP that supports your device. It will more likely have resources you are looking for than to look at the ancient CW7.2 IDE.


  • Ok then, Takao, I'll follow these suggestions, let's see if I can figure out my way. I'll let all you know when I have something working.

    Thanks again.

  • Hello again.

    How can I adapt the CFP programming configuration files for flashing the memory in my SBC5307 board, from the already available?

    AMD 29F040 chips in said board, are supported by CFP with other boards. I guess adaptation would be a bit cumbersome but viable.

    Any help or insight?

    Also, documentation (in Word/RTF format) for PKGCFZ mentions a "source code" that can be adapted to any further device and then it somehow "generates" the .CFP file for PROGCGZ. Anyone out there knows about this, or have this "source"?

    Thanks in advance.

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