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How to use command line "EM" to erase chip"?
Arthur H. Oct 18, 2019 at 02:58 AM (02:58 hours)
Staff: Juan S.

  • Hi there,

    Below is program example and it works for me
    :DEVICE MWCT1013A ;Selects target device to program
    RE ;Reset the MCU
    CM C:\PEMicro\PROGDSC\Algorithms\freescale_mwct1013a_1x16x144k_all.dsp
    EM          ;Erase the module
    BM          ;Blank Check the module
    SS C:\WCT1013A\xxxx.S ;Specify the S19 to use
    PM ;Program the module with the S19
    VM ;Verify the module again

    if I wanna do "erase" only, how to modify?


  • I have do more test,the "EM" command doesnt work even the program example
    and will get error message "25 - Module word not erased"
    I have to erase chip by PROGDSC first before program

  • Hi Arthur, 

    How are you launching CPROGDSC?

    What parameters do you provide to CPROGDSC?

    Juan See

    • Hi Juan

      This is how I launch CPROGDSC
      "c:\PEMicro\PROGDSC\cprogdsc.exe c:\WCT1013A\boot_app.cfg INTERFACE=USBMULTILINK Port=USB1"

      May I know how the "PROGDSC" do erase,what command set?

    • Hello!..... any update?

  • Hi Arthur, 

    Please use the following to launch cprogdsc:

    "c:\PEMicro\PROGDSC\cprogdsc.exe c:\WCT1013A\boot_app.cfg INTERFACE=USBMULTILINK Port=USB1 BDM_SPEED 22"

    The "BDM_SPEED 22" parameter will set the debug shift speed to ~ 1 Mhz so that it matches PROGDSC.

    Juan See

    • soory, not work

    • Is it possible release part of source code of PROGDSC?
      Maybe I can find out keys

  • Hi Arthur, 

    We tracked down the bug in CPROGDSC. Could you please update your CPROGDSC from our website? The latest is version

    Juan See

    • Success! It works, thank you very much

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