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PROGACMP for bin files
Dennis P. May 29, 2017 at 04:47 AM (04:47 hours)
Staff: Kevin M.

  • Hello All
    I've got an USB-Multilink Universal and PROGACMP SW.
    When I program the device with .bin files, PROGACMP shown me error!

    How am I make it with .bin file??
    there are two setting:
    1) unused bytes : 0xFF
    2) Security fuse : Set add. 0x040c(NV_FSEC_ to 0x7B
    How could I make them ?

    Hear from you soon.


  • Hello...

    The problem solved!

    However, there is a small problem that the SD is no option for the Secure level, @0x040C, (00,01,11)!

    If the original is 7A, it goes to 78 after SD!!
    but the value is desired to 7B...

  • Dennis,

    In that case it may make more sense to set that value in your s19 and program it with your whole file.

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