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ICD PPCZ, install problems
charlie w. migrated on Dec 31, 2013 at 11:00 AM
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  • i just got the ICD PPZ , and am trying to install it on win7 32 bit where my cyclone max is installed (with the 10 drivers), and its failing with "failed to install the inf file d:\windows\inf\winddrvr6.inf) error updating the driver (hwid:WINDRVR6), cannot find the file specified.

    as a bonus its seems like it jaffed up my install of ProgPPCZ, i'm guessing its attempted to install old jungo drivers that aren't supported on win7 ( if so be nice if the product page did list which OS's are supported)

    i'm doing a repair install of the 10 drivers see if it'll at least fix my ProgPPCZ

    And it didn't, usb driver did not initialise 200000007, library=wdapi900.dll

    great so now not only can't i used the icd debugger, but my reflash is borked too, awesome! thanks jungo .. I'll uninstall and reinstall it all.


  • Ok i managed to get my cyclone max reflash working again, a few dozen reboots and some re/un/installing, and by some miracle i also managed to get the ICD PPCZ working as well. 

    I extracted the install exe, then extracted the cab, renamed all the FXXX_prog.exe etc to prog.exe (all the files) and copied it to the pemicro\icdppc folder and bob's your auntie

    Sometimes a plain old zip file with the files works a lot better than some flaky install process.

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