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USB-ML-12 Firmware update using BDM
Mike R. Dec 5, 2019 at 04:16 AM (04:16 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hi to all,
    my USB-ML-12 doesn't work anymore after a firmware update that went wrong, the problem being the USB not working, so I can't retry the procedure.
    What can I do? Is it possible to download the firmware connecting another Multilink via BDM? In this case, where can I find the files?
    Have you got other suggestions?

    Thanks a lot, this is really important for me.


    • Mike,

      Unfortunately what you are proposing is not possible.

      Is the unit not detectable at all?

      Do you see the following in device manager?
      Jungo -> WinDriver (or Jungo -> pemicrowindrvr)
      Jungo -> USB Multilink 2.0


      • Thanks for your reply.

        No, when I attach the Multilink to the PC, the "new HW" icon on the Windows taskbar keeps appearing eand disappearing continuously and there's nothing shown in the device manager... And this happens on a Windows 10 system. If I attach the Multilink on a Windows XP (the other PC I use), this causes a bluscreen.

        I think this is very bad...


        • Hi Mike,

          It sounds like the unit is bricked unfortunately. Since the USB-ML-12 BDM Multilink is a legacy device, your only option is to trade it in for a new multilink.

          If you want to pursue this option, we should also make sure that the new multilinks will be fully compatible with your existing setup. What software are you currently using? What chip are you programming?


          • Hi Mike,

            Have you decided if you want to do a tradein?


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