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ATSAM3X8E Debug ?
Carlos C. Aug 8, 2019 at 12:35 PM (12:35 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • Hi,
    ARM - ATSAM3X8E, do Debug with( Eclipse_Sloeber + Multilink Universal )?



  • Greetings,

    Our device support listing:

    Our blogpost on using Eclipse:

    Takao Yamada

    • Hi Takao, thanks your help,

      my test see:

      do it-

      1. = ok

      2. dowloader and install GDB = ok

      3. dowloader multilink_universal ,config to: USB Multilink Universal Rev. A ( ARM) = ok

      list history eclipse (Sloeber, the Eclipse IDE for Arduino Developers)

      C/C++ Autotools support
      C/C++ Common GDB Support
      C/C++ Development Platform
      C/C++ Development Tooling Native Utilities
      C/C++ Development Tools
      C/C++ DSF GDB Debugger Integration
      C/C++ GNU Toolchain Build Support
      C/C++ GNU Toolchain Debug Support
      C/C++ Unit Testing Support
      ECF Core Feature   1.5.0.v20180426-1936
      ECF Core SSL Feature   1.1.100.v20180301-0201
      ECF Filetransfer Feature   3.14.0.v20180306-0429
      ECF Filetransfer SSL Feature   1.1.100.v20180301-0132
      ECF Httpclient4 Filetransfer Provider   3.14.0.v20180301-0132
      ECF Httpclient4 Filetransfer SSL Provider   1.1.100.v20180301-0132
      Eclipse 4 Rich Client Platform   1.6.100.v20180611-0422
      Eclipse Help System   2.2.200.v20180611-0500
      Eclipse Platform   4.8.0.v20180611-0656
      Eclipse RCP   4.8.0.v20180611-0656
      EMF - Eclipse Modeling Framework Core Runtime   2.14.0.v20180529-1144
      EMF Common   2.14.0.v20180527-1134
      Equinox Core SDK   3.14.0.v20180512-1130
      Equinox p2, backward compatibility support   1.4.0.v20180515-1348
      Equinox p2, Discovery UI support   1.2.0.v20180512-1128
      Equinox p2, headless functionalities   1.5.0.v20180515-1348
      Equinox p2, minimal support for RCP applications   1.4.0.v20180515-1348
      Equinox p2, Provisioning for IDEs.   2.4.0.v20180515-1348
      Git integration for Eclipse
      GNU ARM PEMicro Interface Debugging Support
      Java implementation of Git
      Marketplace Client   1.7.0.v20180613-1243
      Mylyn Commons   3.24.0.v20180613-1658
      Mylyn Commons Connector: Discovery   3.24.0.v20170629-1728
      Mylyn Commons Connector: Monitor   3.24.0.v20170629-1728
      Mylyn Commons Identity   1.16.0.v20170629-1728
      Mylyn Commons Notifications   1.16.0.v20170629-1728
      Mylyn Commons Repositories   1.16.0.v20170629-1728
      Mylyn Context Connector: Eclipse IDE   3.24.0.v20170629-2230
      Mylyn Context Connector: Team Support   3.24.0.v20170629-2230
      Mylyn Task List   3.24.0.v20180227-0955
      Mylyn Task-Focused Interface   3.24.0.v20170629-2230
      Mylyn Tasks Connector: Bugzilla   3.24.0.v20180221-1812
      Mylyn Tasks Connector: Eclipse IDE   3.24.0.v20170629-1737
      Mylyn WikiText
      Nebula Oscilloscope Widget
      PEmicro ARM Device Expansion Plugin
      Remote System Explorer End-User Runtime
      RSE Core
      RSE DStore Services
      RSE FTP Service
      RSE Local Services
      RSE SSH Services
      RSE Telnet Service
      Sloeber, the Eclipse Arduino IDE
      Sloeber, the Eclipse Arduino IDE (plugin version)


      not show tool options in IDE, for new projects,


  • hi,
    I will test,


  • Greetings,

    The PEmicro support is found in debug configurations after you created and compiled your project. Follow this blogpost about how to set that up:

    Takao Yamada

    • Hi Takao,

      IDE not shows panels( Debug as; Debug configutations; Oganize favorites)

      new projects no options Debug PE.

      Manual ---->configurations Debug As, ...Configuratios, my config ok

      11:14:29 **** Incremental Build of configuration Release for project Dbug ****
      "C:\\Program Files\\sloeber\\arduinoPlugin\\tools\\make\\make" all
      'Do all objcopy commands'
      "C:\Program Files\sloeber\arduinoPlugin\packages\arduino\tools\arm-none-eabi-gcc\4.8.3-2014q1/bin/arm-none-eabi-objcopy" -O binary "C:\sloeber-workspace\Dbug/Release/Dbug.elf" "C:\sloeber-workspace\Dbug/Release/Dbug.bin"
      "C:\Program Files\sloeber\arduinoPlugin\packages\arduino\tools\arm-none-eabi-gcc\4.8.3-2014q1/bin/arm-none-eabi-objcopy" -O binary "C:\sloeber-workspace\Dbug/Release/Dbug.elf" "C:\sloeber-workspace\Dbug/Release/Dbug.bin"
      'Finished building: Dbug.hex'
      ' '
      'Building target: Dbug'
      'Printing size:'
      "C:\Program Files\sloeber\arduinoPlugin\packages\arduino\tools\arm-none-eabi-gcc\4.8.3-2014q1/bin/arm-none-eabi-size" -A "C:/sloeber-workspace/Dbug/Release/Dbug.elf"
      C:/sloeber-workspace/Dbug/Release/Dbug.elf :
      section size addr
      .text 10724 537362432
      .relocate 1180 537403392
      .bss 2552 537404572
      .ARM.attributes 41 0
      .comment 112 0
      .debug_info 75034 0
      .debug_abbrev 13342 0
      .debug_aranges 1744 0
      .debug_ranges 2368 0
      .debug_line 23200 0
      .debug_str 19841 0
      .debug_frame 4312 0
      .debug_loc 15161 0
      Total 169611
      'Finished building target: Dbug'
      ' '
      11:14:32 Build Finished. 0 errors, 0 warnings. (took 3s.397ms)

      run debug error:
      Error while launching command:
      C:\Program Files\sloeber\/../toolchain/bin/arm-none-eabi-gdb --version


      • hi,

        modifier path : arm-none-eabi-gdb =ok

        run debug...

        erro: the hardware interface that you are using does not suported ATMEL processor.
        Multilink Universal Rev. A ( 1.65/ARM )

        Error in services launch sequence
        PEmicro GDB Launch Failure : The GDB Server was not able to establish a connection to the target processor. Please check your connections and power. Verify that the launch settings in the Debug Configuration are accurate.

        GDB Sevice
        Server 1 running on
        All Servers Running
        P&E Interface detected - Flash Version 6.15
        Can not enter background mode.
        Unable to initialize PEDebug.
        PE-ERROR: Failed to Initialize Target


  • Greetings,

    You are getting closer. However, you do have a hardware issue in that your hardware does NOT support ATMEL devices. Rev A only supported ARM from NXP and Freescale. You need at minimum rev B to continue.

    We have a multilink exchange program you can use to get a new multilink, or you can buy a new multilink from the Brazil distributor:

    Takao Yamada

    • hi Takao,


  • Sorry, you need a minimum rev C or higher. Rev B still had this restriction.

    Takao Yamada

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