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Tracelink + CodeWarrior + ColdFire v3 can not trace
Robert g. Oct 6, 2017 at 12:29 PM (12:29 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I used the Tracelink with great results on a project involving a Kinetis Cortex-M0+ recently, controlling the trace and viewing results using CodeWarrior 10.7.  For my new project, I want to trace a ColdFire v3 in the same fashion, but the trace start/trace stop options are disabled in the Debug tab of CodeWarrior.  I can control execution in normal debugger fashion, but can not trace.  I did enable tracing in the debugger configuration, and in fact checked all checkboxes on the Trace and Profile tab in the debug config.  Can I get some help tracing the ColdFire v3?  It's supposed to be supported as I understand things.


  • The ColdFire V3 should be supported. What is the exact ColdFire processor? I'm not sure why the Start/Stop Trace button is disabled yet. 

    Do you have all the PST and DDATA signals from the processor connected to the header? All the trace information is captured through the DDATA signals so you should see lots of activity on them as you are debugging your processor.

    • I didn't design the board, but I believe the PST and DDATA signals are connected. I will double check tomorrow, and maybe get a logic analyzer hooked up to sniff the connections and see what's happening on those pins.  The chip is an MCF5307.  I noticed that the Multilink/Tracelink user guide also shows the trace function greyed out in the CodeWarrior screen shot, for whatever that's worth.

      • Checked with the logic analyzer, plenty of activity happening on the DDATA pins.  Just no option to capture it in CodeWarrior.  Please advise

        • Hi Robert,

          The unitcfz api does have functions to get the trace information but they are currently unpublished. The functions only return the raw trace data from the ColdFire processor. You would have to develop your own parser if you want to make it usable.

          The design engineer of the Tracelink is currently investigating your issue with Codewarrior. I was told that you should see trace in the Software Analysis tab as long as you enabled it in the Trace and Profile tab in debug configurations.

          The only document we have on how to write ColdFire V3 algorithms is cfp.doc that is included with your PROGCFZ software. If you open a support ticket on Support Request system, I can also provide you with the assembly source for the algorithm. You would need to have a copy of our assembler for ColdFire if you want to make your own modifications.

          If you need help picking the right algorithm we have the following sources of information:


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