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spring loaded pogo pin equipped BDM adapter for Cyclone Pro programming?
Doug P. Nov 16, 2016 at 07:34 AM (07:34 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Greetings:  

    I need to re-program boards that have a place for the traditional 6-pin BDM connector but do not have the physical connector installed.

    Elsewhere, we have used temporary adapters equipped with spring loaded pogo pins to program micros. Of course you have to manually hold these adapters to the circuit board and the exercise can be quite finicky, but it's better than retrofitting physical connectors.

    Is there anything like that available for the BDM connector? I've actually found a candidate on eBay (search on "BDM" and "adapter") but I would rather go for a more creditable source.



    • Hi Doug,

      We don't sell any adapters with spring loaded pogo pins for our programming dongles.

      The BDM connector is 6 pins but we actually only use 4. In case you don't know they are:

      Pin 1 Background
      Pin 2 Ground
      PIn 4 Reset
      PIn 6 Vdd


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