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Problem to move from Cyclone Max to Cyclone FX
Markus N. Oct 2, 2017 at 08:08 AM (08:08 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hi, 
    We are currently using the Cyclone Max to flash our product. Now we are plannig to move to Cyclone FX.

    The reason to change to Cyclone Fx is:
    1. that we have heard the it will not be possible to buy the old Cyclone Max anylonger. Is this correct?
    2. that Cyclone FX is much faster :-)

    Unfortunatley it was not that easy just to replace Max with FX. The image uploading phase works well and much faster than before. :-)
    However when it comes to program our MCUs then it fails with the error code 7 (Error Entering debug mode). We have tried to change the speed but it doesn't help.

    We are using algoritm K26FN2M0M18

    We have an interface board between the Programmer and the MCU. Ofourse this could affect the result but since it works good with Cyclone MAX I am not sure.

    We have tried to change the speed but how can we really know that the speed is changed? We think it is stated somewhere that it tryies find the fastest speed automatically. Is the command "; PCI_DELAY 5" in the .cfg file realy making any diffrence? The ; in the beginning makes me believe the is is an comment only.

    We have shorten the cables.

    Right now we don't know how to proceed :-(

    * What is the diffrence between Cyclone Max and Cyclone Fx that can give us this behaviour (It works when using Cyclone MAX)?
    * Do you have any idea how to debug the problem?



  • The Cyclone Maxes will be discontinued when we sell through our existing stock. We expect that it will happened at the end of the year. You can still purchase them right now.

    I recommend you try to connect to your board using our interactive GUI software (PROGACMP) first.

    The Cyclone Universal FX is a much faster interface so you may need to lower the Debug shift speed.

    Did you select the right communication protocol (SWD/JTAG)?

  • Hi Johnny,

    We have used PROGACMP earlier to change the speed with no success.
    However now we tried even lower speed settings and found out that if we
    change the speed from 5 (3.333MHz) to 127 (0.193MHz) then it works. 63 works sometimes but it fails sometimes.
    The programming time that took ~15 seconds using a Cyclone Max can be performed with Cyclone FX in ~90 seconds.

    When we select faster speed settings than 127 or 63 then we get diffrents errors like the following:
    1. The Device is secured
    2. Error loading .ARP file : ....... Set PC and Run Error
    3. The dialogue "Connection Assistant" is re painted emediatley (The .ARP selection dialogue is not even shown) with no message.
    4. The message "Lost Communication - BDM speed probably set too fast" is shown.

    What do you think?
    * If FX is a much faster interface then MAX is, why can't we use at least the same speed than we did with MAX?
    * What is the diffrence between MAX and FX that gives us this problem?


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