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Coldfire V2 5282 connection with USB-ML-Universal
davide m. Oct 2, 2017 at 11:42 AM (11:42 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I have a new W10 64K PC with PROGCFZ sw (Vs. and USB ML Universal ( Driver) and I'm trying to connect to Coldfire V2 5282 but the connection fails.
    If, on the same HW, I use a W-XP 32K PC with PROGCFZ sw (Vs. and BDM Interface (LPT BDM) I have no failures.

    No one had the same problem? What should I try to do?



    • You probably need to update your USB-ML-UNIVERSAL Rev D to firmware 9.81. Please download our multilink universal firmware updater.

      Let me know if you are actually using a different revision hardware.

      • We have USB-ML-UNIVERSAL Rev C.

        • Please do the firmware update on USB-ML-UNIVERSAL Rev C. 

          1) Do the blue and amber LEDs turn on?

          2) In the option "Delay after Reset....", try 350 ms.

          3) In the option "Use PST signals to determine device state", try it checked and unchecked.

  • Goodmorning.

    The amber led is turned OFF.

    Some more information:
    - the same USB-ML-UNI and the same PC used to access a V4 Coldfire (5445) are working good.
    - I did the FW upgrade of the USB-ML-UNI.
    Where should I see the FW vs. currently installed?

    We know that "If connecting to a ColdFire V2-4 processor which requires synchronous communication, such as the MCF5272 and MCF5206(E), a CABLE-CF-ADAPTER (sold separately) is required." (first Note, page 2 of the USBMLUNIVERSALFX Technical Summary).
    Is this our problem? We are using CF V2 5282.

    Thank you!

    • The amber LED tells you if the Multilink is detecting power on the target board. If it is turned off, then either the Multilink is broken or your board is not getting power.

      The MCF5282 is not a synchronous device so you do not have to use the Cable CF adapter.

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