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Facing problem when setting USER Byte on STM32F429VE
rajesh r. Jul 17, 2017 at 05:31 AM (05:31 hours)
Staff: Juan S.

  • When I am trying to set USER byte , it is echanging READ Protection options and write protecting values as well which I don't want.

    Can you tell me is there any sequence I need to follow to change the USER Byte???


  • What command are you using to set USER byte?
    What value are you using to set USER byte?

    • I am using USER COMMAND with value "CF"(11001111)

  • "CF" is not a command that our flash algorithm understands. What software are you using?

    If you are using PROGACMP or a Cyclone Stand Alone Image, you can modify the USER byte option using the following command for a STM32F429VE as an example:

    US 2F

    What this command will do is program the User Option Byte to the value of 0x2F:

    Bit 7 = nRST_STDBY = 0
    Bit 6 = nRST_STOP = 0
    Bit 5 = WDG_SW = 1
    Bit 4 = BFB2 = 0
    Bit 3:2 = BOR_LEV = 11
    Bit 1:0 = Not Used = 11

    Please do make sure to use the latest support file. A link to the latest is below:

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