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Important notes regarding
our new Forums system

Welcome to our new forums system. Please note that a few things have changed:

  1. We integrated the Forums login into the P&E website login. Please login using your P&E account to be able to create topics or post comments into the forums. All your previous forums topics and comments should have migrated over, so long as your forums email address matches your P&E website user email address.
  2. For the few of you who did not have a P&E account, we created one automatically for you. Simply use the same email address you used in the old forums to login, but before you do so please request a new password.
  3. Discussions are now threaded (like a tree), so they are much easier to follow. Note that this applies only to new comments moving forward. Older "quoted" comments will still be shown with a "[legacy comment]" note next to them.
  4. We dissabled the ability to upload files, for security reasons (we might bring this back in the future for certain types of files), however it is now much easier to copy-paste code into the comments and code now shows properly formatted, which is much easier on the eyes.
  5. When someone replies to a forum topic you created or on which you previously commented, you will now receive an automated email notification with a link to go directly to the new reply.
  6. The new forums system is now simpler and much faster than before, which we hope will improve your overall support experience.
  7. Over the next few days/weeks we will be tunning and implementing new features, so please bear with us as we improve the system.


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