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FAQ ID # 83
I recently purchased a USB-ML-12 Rev. B, but it does not work with my debugger/programmer. The USB-ML-12 module is not detected by software. I also have a USB-ML-12 Rev. A, which works fine. What shall I do?
USB-ML-12 Rev. B is a USB 2.0 device while USB-ML-12 Rev. A is a USB 1.1 device. You need the latest version of software to work with the Rev. B cables.

If you are using PEmicro's software development package or programmer, contact PEmicro for an update.

If you are using CodeWarrior 3.1, you need to download the USB2.0 patch on their website to support the USB-ML-12 Rev. B cables.

If you are using a CodeWarrior version prior to version 3.1, you need to contact NXP for an update.

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