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FAQ ID # 77
I wish to add a parallel port to my laptop to work with one of your parallel port debug cables. Is there a recommended one?
PEmicro doesn't qualify or test PCMCIA parallel ports but several customers have successfully used the following parallel port: Quatech SPP-100 PCMCIA parallel port To use the parallel port, the user must install the card and find out from the device manager what it's address is. Then the user can use the ADDLPT utility to register the parallel port for use with PEmicro software (attached). USB parallel ports will not work with PEmicro products.
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ADDLPT - Specify/Use a PCI Parallel Port - This utility allows PEmicro parallel port interface cables to make use of parallel ports which are specified by the user according to their address. This allows virtual or PCI based parallel ports which are not registered in the BIOS to be used. These settings are remembered in the registry and are shared by different PEmicro applications.

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