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   Home P&E Customer Support FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions FAQ ID # 72
FAQ ID # 72
How do I build the GNU compiler from the original source code?
You may purchase the software PE_GNU_SOURCE.  This disc provides the source code required to build the C compiler that is included in the PEmicro GNU (PRO) packages, such as PKGCFZ_PRO and PKGPPCZ_PRO.

To assist in producing the GNU toolset, the disc also includes instructions for compiling the GNU source code.

The Cygwin software is required to build the GNU software.  PEmicro does not distribute Cygwin software.  Cygwin is a free, Linux-like environment for Windows.  More information about Cygwin is available at

Please note that PEmicro does not provide technical support for building the GNU software from source code.

Here is a list of additional internet resources on GNU:

GNU Manuals Online


GCC Mailing List Archive

Cross-gcc Mailing List Archive

Binutils, including the GNU Linker (LD) and Assembler (GAS)

Binutils Mailing List Archive

Newlib C Library

Newlib Mailing List Archive

MingWin Minimalist GNU for Windows

MingWin Mailing List Archives


ELF Specification - System V EABI 4.1

DWARF Specification - Version 2.0  

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P&E, GNU, and ELFDWARF.pdf - This document provides general information about using the PEmicro debuggers with the ELF/DWARF debugging file format.

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ColdFire V2/V3/V4, Qorivva MPC5xxx IDE - Integrated Development Environment, Development Kit / Package PKGPPCNEXUS, PKGCFZ_PRO, PE_GNU_SOURCE, USB-ML-PPCNEXUS
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