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   Home P&E Customer Support FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions FAQ ID # 66
FAQ ID # 66
I am using the PROG08SZ flash programmer and the Cyclone (Pro, Universal, or Universal FX) to program 68HC908QY, 68HC908QT, 68HC908LB, or 68HC908QL devices and sometimes the devices do not verify. What is the problem?
Older programming algorithms for the 68HC908QY/QT/QL/LB devices had the potential to significantly underprogram the microcontrollers on-chip flash. The latest programming algorithms should be used and are listed at the bottom of this FAQ.

If the Cyclone Pro is being used, install the Cyclone Pro Single File Installation.

If the Cyclone Universal or Cyclone Universal FX is being used, install the CYCLONE and CYCLONE FX Programmer Installation Software.

In the MON08 Cyclone is being used, the latest MON08 Cyclone build should be installed.

These installers contains the latest programming algorithms.

Related Downloads
Cyclone Pro Single File Installation -
This package installs all the of the software for the Cyclone Pro. It includes the PEmicro Cyclone USB Drivers, Image Creation Utility, Image Manager, and all supported flash programming algorithms. This is the same software as what you get on the CD.

Please uninstall the previous version before installing the latest version.

CYCLONE and CYCLONE FX Programmer Installation Software - Software to create programming images, configure Cyclone programmers, and control them in an automated fashion. Also includes documentation, drivers, and an extensive library of programming algorithms.

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HC08 Flash Programming Software, Stand-Alone Programmer CYCLONEPRO, CPROG08SZ, USB-ML-MON08, ICS08_ALL, SDEV908QY4, XPC560PKIT100S
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