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FAQ ID # 62
The ICD08SZ HC08 debugger only gives me one or two breakpoints to work with. I need more! Is there any workaround to this hardware limitation?

Unfortunately, there is no workaround quite as simple as setting a breakpoint in the debugger. However, there is a working solution.

In HC08 Monitor Mode, an SWI instruction does not jump to the location pointed to by the SWI Interrupt Vector. Rather, it functions equivilantly to a breakpoint. With a little forsight, this fact can be used to simulate a breakpoint.

When writing your code, simply insert an SWI instruction into the places within your program that you'd like a breakpoint. Then, program the flash with this new .S19 file. Any SWI instruction encountered while the processor is executing will function like a breakpoint!

Also see the attached document for more information on stopping a running HC08 target.

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How To- Stopping a Running HC08 Target - This document describes how to implement PEmicro's method for stopping a running HC08 target.

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