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FAQ ID # 50
I am trying to program EEPROM of 9S12A128B microprocessor using CPROG12z and PROG12z software and get error 39: Error converting hexadecimal command. What am I doing wrong?
The most common cause of the following error is the missing specification of the EEPROM base address. Please, make sure that you are specifying the base address of the EEPROM in your script file. You can do this by skipping a space after the path to the algorithm file on the CM command line. It should look as follows:


The flash programming algorithms that have the "NO_BASE_ADDRESS=.....", definition do not require for the user to specify the base address. However, the algorithms that do not contain the base address definition, require a user to manually set base address in the script file or during the programming procedure.

After encountering this error, one should go over all commands that are being used in a script file. Given error can also be caused by the use of an illigal command, unspecified in the PEmicro help manual.

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