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FAQ ID # 39
Is there an example for creating a paged assembly program on the HC12/HCS12 family processors?
Attached to this FAQ is an example paged application for the MC9S12DP256. This is an assembly level application built with PEmicro's assembler. The same framework may be used for all Motorola HC12/HCS12 processors, although the number of available pages of memory will changes per device.
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HC12/HCS12 Assembly Paging Example (MC9S12DP256) - A small assembly program demonstrating how to build a paged application with PEmicro's assembler.

Log2phy_12 - Utility which converts HC(S)12(X) Logical Records to Physical S-Records.
Now supports S12X devices EEPROM. Updated 11/13/2019.

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HC(S)12(X) IDE - Integrated Development Environment, Debugger, Assembler KIT9S12DP256B-MULTI, ICD12Z, PKG12Z_USB, CASM12Z, WINIDE12Z
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