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FAQ ID # 3
When I try to program my S-Record, I get an "address out of range" or similar error. My code is definitely within the valid flash ranges of $4000-$FFFF. Why can't I program the flash?
If you are using a processor with paged FLASH, you are most likely experiencing an issue related to the differences between "logical" and "physical" addressing. PEmicro's flash programming algorithms map the flash memory to one contiguous address range. In order to convert your s-record to the proper (physical) format, you should run our free utility, log2phy. For more information on the distinction between these two addressing modes, we would highly suggest looking through the "Operating Modes and Resources" section of your Motorola User's guide for the device you're using.

Please note that if you're using NXP Codewarrior, you can simply program the ".phy" or ".glo" file instead of the ".s19" file. This eliminates the need to use the log2phy utility.

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Log2phy_12 - Utility which converts HC(S)12(X) Logical Records to Physical S-Records.
Now supports S12X devices EEPROM. Updated 11/13/2019.

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HC(S)12(X) Flash Programming Software PROG12Z
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