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FAQ ID # 200
I am unable to install software on my PC which is running Windows 7 and/or 64 bit OS.
PEmicro has begun to release new versions of our flash programming and in-circuit debugging software that has been updated for Windows 7 and 64 bit compatibility in late 2009. If your software is older, it may not run or install properly on your new PC and you may need an upgrade.

PEmicro's software upgrade policy is the following:

For all software purchased directly from PEmicro, the license holder of the software is entitled to cost-free upgrades for a period of 1 year after the purchase date of the software or software update for this product, and upgrades at 50% of the current full price for a period of up to 2 years after the purchase date of the software or software update for this product. Any purchases past 2 years ago will not be eligible for any discounts and will have to pay full retail prices.

If you are eligible for a free upgrade or a discount, please contact our sales department and provide the original purchase order or PEmicro invoice number.

If you are unable to determine the date of purchase or you have questions/comments/concerns about your software, please submit a support request with the version of the application you are using for assistance.

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