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FAQ ID # 195
My device is part of the CPU32/683xx family and I'm debugging my code in ICD32Z. If I try to set a breakpoint in my code (located in FLASH EEPROM), I get the following error message on my screen: “Could not write breakpoint to hardware.”.
The CPU32 architecture does not have support for hardware breakpoints. You also can not set a software breakpoint in the debugger if your code resides in Flash/EEPROM. To get around this limitation of the CPU32 architecture, you can add a background stop instruction (BGND) to your code where you want a breakpoint and recompile it. Inline assembly can be utilized if you are programming in C. After you reprogram the new code to Flash/EEPROM, you will be able to run at full speed in ICD and stop at the desired address where you have placed the BGND instruction. If running at full speed is not a requirement, you can use the Gotilrom [address] command which does a series of single-steps until the address is in your program counter.
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