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Frequently Asked Questions
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9.98 ID 52 I am getting an EPrivilege Exception when running PEmicro software. What is the problem?
9.82 ID 89 I try to install your software, but installation fails with this message:

There are currently 2 open applications using WinDriver. Please close all applications and press Retry. To reload WinDriver, press Cancel and reboot.

How do I solve this?

9.49 ID 204 How do I get Virtual Serial port to work using TWR-S12G128 OSBDM board under Codewarrior CW5.1 for S12(X) IDE?
7.73 ID 15 I installed a newer version of one of your products under Windows 98/ME, and now older PEmicro program are giving an application exception. What should I do?
2.78 ID 54 Does your old DOS software run under Windows XP?
0.67 ID 99 When I try to load the register editor in ICDxxZ with the R command, I get "No register (.REG) files were found". I already installed REGKIT .

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