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BOSTON – November. 21, 2012 - P&E Microcomputer Systems announced the addition of the GDB Server for Kinetis® devices to its industry-leading roster of tools for Freescale devices. P&E's support for Freescale's Kinetis microcontrollers now includes the ability to use GNU GDB tools with P&E's lineup of Kinetis-compatible hardware interfaces. These include the all-in-one Multilink Universal development interface and its high-speed counterpart, the Multilink Universal FX, as well as the production-ready Cyclone MAX automated programmer and debug interface. The GDB Server for Kinetis devices also supports the OpenSDA and OSJTAG embedded debug circuitry incorporated into many of Freescale's Tower and Freedom development boards.

Users are invited to read more information and download a trial version of P&E's GDB Server for Kinetis devices.

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