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PEmicro. proudly annouces the release of a wide range of development boards and kits for the M68HC908. PEmicro is now offering affordably priced development boards for the M68HC908AB32, -GP32, -GZ16, -JL8, -MR32, and -QY4. These boards are available individually or as a set of all six. In addition, PEmicro is bundling the boards with the MON08 Multilink, USB-ML-MON08, or Cyclone PRO interfaces, providing the user with powerful yet inexpensive development solutions right out of the box.

The development boards feature:

  • Resident MC68HC908 Processor (AB32, GP32, GZ16, JL8, MR32, and QY4)
  • MON08 Debug header to allow debug and programming from the Cyclone Pro, MON08 Multilink, or USB MON08 Multilink
  • Full access to all processor pins, including port pins needed for Monitor Mode entry shortly after reset (wire wrap headers included)
  • PEmicro's asm/debug/programming software available at no-cost for download
  • Clock source may be from a PEmicro interface cable, on-board crystal (except QY4), or available to be driven by the user
  • Power may be provided by a PEmicro interface cable or by the user
  • Small size perfect for embedding into prototyping areas
  • Schematic enclosed
  • Board dimensions: 2.3" x 2.125"

PEmicro also offers the boards as part of development kits, which include one of the following MON08 interfaces:

  • MON08 Multilink - parallel-port-to-target MON08 interface
  • USB-ML-MON08 - USB-port-to-target MON08 interface
  • Cyclone PRO - includes USB, ethernet, & serial MON08/BDM communications, also functions as standalone programmer. PEmicro recommends the Cyclone PRO interface for development or production programming.

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