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P&E Microcomputer Systems, Inc. announced the relocation of its operations to a larger facility in the vibrant Kenmore Square area of Boston. P&E's continued expansion of its range of products and services has prompted the move, in order to ensure that P&E's ability to innovate and provide support grows along with its rapidly expanding base of dedicated users.

P&E's new location:

656 Beacon St.
2nd Floor
Boston, MA 02215

P&E's mailing address has not changed:

P.O. Box 2044
Woburn, MA 01888

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Cyclone (33)
Cyclone FX (35)
Multilink (16)
Multilink FX (11)
GDB Server (10)
Prog ACMP (3)
Interface Library Routines (4)

ARM (30)
NXP (39)
Atmel (4)
Cypress (2)
Infineon (1)
Maxim (2)
Nordic Semiconductor (2)
Silicon Labs (3)
STMicroelectronics (3)
Texas Instruments (1)
Toshiba (2)
Renesas (6)

Production Programming (45)
Debug (21)
Automated Control (10)
Miscellaneous (35)

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