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Did you know that P&E provides simulation for nearly the whole array of Freescale 8-bit microcontrollers (RS08/HCS08/HC08)? Simulation is  inexpensive and fast, and allows for a highly detailed look at the functionality of the simulated device. P&E Simulations include trace capabilities and are cycle-accurate (cycle accuracy allows for a low level, cycle-by-cycle analysis of the timing and general functionality of your code). Furthermore, simulation allows the seamless loading of code to the entire memory array of the processor, without the cumbersome flash burning that accompanies hardware development -- and byte by byte modification of the memory is allowed at any time.

     In addition to initial development, simulation can serve as a highly effective means of product evaluation. Evaluation of various devices via simulators can be relatively painless and inexpensive when compared to evaluating those same devices using actual hardware. In addition, our simulations are often published before the silicon is widely available, so simulation is also an excellent tool to help you stay on the cutting edge.

     Currently, P&E Simulations are available within the Codewarrior toolsuite. However, P&E will soon be releasing the Simulation Toolkit, which will include all simulations in one convenient package. Stay tuned to the P&E Newsflash for more updates on the release of this product.

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