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Did you know that P&E offers full chip simulation for all 8-bit Freescale devices? This powerful tool allows you to jump start device evaluation and firmware development because you can start writing code without having access to the actual device. All aspects of 8-bit devices from the CPU to the external I/O can be analyzed in a full-chip simulator.

Because of the importance that external I/O plays in development of any embedded system, P&E's full chip simulator gives the user access to all onboard modules via a combination of input/output GUIs and commands. The user can simulate sending and receiving data to and from modules such as SCI, SPI, IIC, ADC and PGA. At the same time the user can also simulate analog inputs on bi-directional I/O ports, which can be used to trigger keyboard interrupt events if the KBI module is properly configured. Availability of  the modules mentioned above depends the actual device.

Currently, all P&E full chip simulators are available through fully licensed and evaluation versions of Freescale Codewarrior IDE. However, P&E plans to release a stand-alone product which will include simulation for 8-bit Freescale devices.

Below is a code snippet that can be used to perform an SCI transmission. Once the transmission takes place, it can be observed in the SCI output buffer window:


       mov   #$00,SCI1BDH       ; Baud Rate = 9600
       mov   #$1A,SCI1BDL       ; Baud Rate = 9600
       mov   #$40,SCI1C1         ; Enable the SCI peripheral
       mov   #$08,SCI1C2         ; Enable the SCI transmitter


       brclr 7,SCI1S1,HERE       ; wait until xmitter is ready.
       sta   SCI1D                   ; Xmit it our serial port

To display the output of the SCI module in a separate window, use the SCDO command.

For a complete list of supported modules and instructions, please refer to the Debugger_HC08.pdf file, which can be found in the [Codewarrior Installation Directory]HelpPDF folder on your PC.


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