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P&E Microcomputer Systems, Inc. has announced the release of a new Multilink development tool and a new Cyclone manufacturing tool, both focused specfically on ARM Cortex devices.

Multilink ACP

The development tool is the Multilink ACP, which joins P&E's successful line of Multilink debug probes. The Multilink ACP features support for ARM Cortex devices only, which allows P&E to offer this new Multilink at a terrific value.The Multilink ACP supports a wide variety of ARM device manufacturers. A full list can be browsed at P&E's ARM device portal.

Cyclone ACP FX

The manufacturing tool is P&E's new Cyclone ACP FX production programmer. The Cyclone ACP FX is a flagship Cyclone FX programmer, but with a focus on ARM devices only. The Cyclone ACP FX features blazing programming speed, a huge internal memory,enhanced security features (such as the ability to add restrictions to specific programming images), an SD port for expandable memory, and expansion ports that enable unique, valuable plug-ins such as a bar code scanner for programming.

P&E will be showing these new tools for ARM device development and production, along with other new P&E technology, at ARM Techcon in Santa Clara, CA on Oct. 25-27. P&E welcomes visitors and will be at booth #801.

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