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PEmicro announced the ability to add usage restrictions to programming images created for the Cyclone FX stand alone programmer. These usage restrictions include the ability to limit programming to a specific date range and also to set a maximum number of programming operations which can occur. The effect of this is that the user can limit the duration and amount of programming allowed by an image. This can be useful for protecting the IP contained within a programming image as well as making sure that programming images in production are not too far out of date. These restrictions persist even when the images are deleted/restored on a Cyclone unit's internal memory or SD card. Images are encoded in such a way as to deter tampering.

Image restrictions are set in the Cyclone Configuration Utility

The Cyclone FX programmer is a stand-alone in-circuit programmer which supports many NXP and ARM Cortex based devices. Cyclone FX owners who wish to update their Cyclones can download the latest software and firmware from PEmicro's website.

Programming count displayed on the Cyclone FX home screen

This new security feature is documented in the latest version of the Cyclone FX User Manual.

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