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Supported ARMĀ® devices

P&E supports ARM devices from a variety of vendors. Click on your device's vendor to navigate to the part number.
You may also view our libraries of flash algorithms for the ARM device vendors below.
Browse P&E's supported ARM devices by vendor and family. Click on your vendor/family below to navigate.
NXP:LPC, Kinetis
Atmel (Microchip):SAMxxx
Cypress:PSoCĀ® 4
Nordic Semiconductor:nRF51, nRF52
Silicon Labs:EFM32, EFR32, SiM3
Texas Instruments:LM3S, LM4, TM4C12x
Toshiba:TX00, TX03, & TX04
P&E supports programming of both internal and external (SPI) flash devices. See our Programming Algorithm Libraries for more information on your specific device family.

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